Cooking is the one of life’s many pleasures, and Alkaline Ionized Water can make it even more exciting !

Every bite of food, is supposed to fuel our bodies with energy that we need to stay in motion. Unfortunately – many of our diets consist of fried, fatty foods. GMOs, saturated fat, and a buildup of salt that can greatly affect our health in the most unlikable ways we can ever imagine, obesity is one of the most common dangers associated with eating acidic food.

So where does Alkaline water fits in ?

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi M.D., Director of the Water Institute in Tokyo, tells us the importance of using alkaline water to flush the body of the unhealthy buildup that we’ve created by eating a full of oils starting from paavbhaji in mumbai till masala dosa in kerala.

Dr. Hayashi says, “Bad diets [colas, fried foods, acidic salts, etc.] can often leave deposits in the body. These deposits can stay stored away in the body for years, decades. The consumption of ionized alkaline water can help to gently wash away this build up.”

What you choose to eat is so vital for your body, ask any athlete, the reply will be “Your health begins in your kitchen”. Your greatest weapon in this fight for health and wellness is alkaline water from water ionizers.

The essential health benefits that you can receive from drinking antioxidant-rich alkaline water are very much present when you use alkaline water for cooking. By buying a water ionizer for your home, you can make the health benefits of alkaline water more readily available to drink and cook with on a regular basis.

There so many ways to use alkaline water for cooking. In this article, we will cover 10 ways in which you can use alkaline water in your cooking.

We’ve broken them down into three main categories below:

  • Food preparation with water ionizers
  • Crafting beverages with alkaline ionized water
  • Cooking methods with alkaline ionized water


Food Preparation With Water Ionizers

this image is about benefits of cooking food with alkaline water
This is how cooking with alkaline water feels like

Preparation is key before you start cooking any meal – big or small. You need the right ingredients like spices, flavors but we always miss out on the kind of water we are using which can make cooking fun and delicious. When it comes to kitchen gadgets, very few stand out as a must-buy gadget like a water ionizer does.

When you are using alkaline water pH 9.5 from an alkaline water machine, you are improving the quality and taste of your food. Let me explain how this is done:

  • Most people clean their food with vinegar or regular tap water. This is not only the least effective cleaning method, but it can also make your food more acidic and harmful to consume. Cleaning your food with alkaline water is a better way to thoroughly clean harmful chemicals from your food, making your food healthier to consume.
  • Cleaning your meats and seafood with ionized alkaline water can also have its benefits. Allowing your meat to soak in ionized alkaline water helps to improve the tenderizing process. Additionally, soaking your seafood in ionized alkaline water cuts down on the fishy tastes and odors that can become overpowering in the kitchen and throughout the house.
  • Have you noticed that your ingredients are starting to wilt? You can help stall or even revert the damage by soaking your greens and vegetables in ionized alkaline water overnight.


Crafting Your Favorite Beverages With Alkaline Water

this image talks about how alkaline water can make the preparation of green tea and other beverages better
Get More Out Of Your Green Tea And Smoothies With Alkaline Ionized Water
  • Drinking Water: Transitioning from drinking glasses of regular tap water or bottled water that’s been sitting in a hot truck to drinking glasses of alkaline ionized water can help boost your immune system and promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • Coffee & Teas: Using alkaline ionized water to brew coffee and teas can extract a better flavor and remove the bitterness that’s often found in brewed coffee and teas.
  • Smoothies: Alkaline ionized water can work well in any smoothie, fruit or vegetable. Green smoothies tend to work best with alkaline ionized water because adding alkalinity to acidic leafy greens helps to boost their nutrients.
  • Ice Cubes: Enhance the pH balance of any glass of water or beverage with ice cubes from your water ionizer.


Cooking Methods With Alkaline Water


this image talks about benefits of cooking vegetables in alkaline water
Cooking With Alkaline Water From A Water Ionizer Can Help Retain The Nutritional Value Of Vegetables

Many people might assume that just by cooking and eating a vegetable, you are eating healthier. However, how the vegetable is cooked can greatly determine how much nutritional value you are gaining from eating the vegetable.

Cooking your vegetables with alkaline ionized water from a water ionizer can help retain the nutritional value of vegetables and other types of food below:

  • Vegetables: Alkaline ionized water helps to remove bitterness, enhance the flavor, and improve the natural coloring of the vegetable.
  • Rice, Beans, & Grains: Soaking rice and lentils in alkaline ionized water can improve their taste and their composition. Rice and lentils soaked in alkaline ionized water for 20-30 minutes prior to cooking are often fluffier and found to retain seasoning better.
  • Soups, Stocks, & Stews: Substituting regular tap water for alkaline ionized water when making your stews, stocks, and soups will help to enhance flavor extraction and improve the nutrient source.


Now that you have learned about some of the ways that you can use alkaline ionized water for cooking – it’s time to consider changing the way you cook !



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