There’s a lot of dedication and training that goes into becoming a world-class athlete, no matter which sport. While many of us dream of being a top athlete, reaching this level of achievement and athletic ability doesn’t just happen overnight.

In addition to the right workout regimen, some athletes have a Secret Weapon in their kitchen that they use to enhance their performance that’s legal, natural, and healthy. Which is now no longer a secret.

Maximise your athletic performance with alkaline water from your very own water ionizer

For many years, athletes have been using alkaline water from water ionizers as the best way to fuel their bodies and provide them with the required amounts of energy.

Being an athlete is physically demanding on the body, BELIEVE IT OR NOT – the right water can help maximise your sports performance.

Despite the endless number of sports drinks available on the market today, alkaline water remains the best way to stay hydrated. The best water to drink is from your very own water ionizer.

Athletes have been using alkaline water to help with 5 main areas:

  • Performance
  • Health
  • Diet
  • Recovery time
  • Energy

How Alkaline Water maximises Performance

Want to know what alkaline water can do ? Let’s hear it from a Olympic champion.

A Six-time Olympic Champion and Tour de France Rider Clara Hughes is a fan and supporter of the health benefits that you can receive from drinking alkaline water. After using her own water ionizer, Clara noted the difference she felt. “I could not believe the difference I felt after the extreme efforts of training,” Hughes said.

Alkaline water is rich essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and Sodium. These essential minerals help push out the unnecessary wastes and toxins in our system, helping to increase an athlete’s stamina.

An increase in stamina can help with training and overall athletic performance.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

The health benefits of drinking alkaline water is a open secret now. Sports enthusiasts and their teams are increasingly becoming more concerned with the proper hydration needs of their athletes.

For many footballers, alkaline water has proven to be their go-to drink of choice.

Many footballers, especially Coach Rob Woodall says about his football players who are “crampers”…when they drank Alkaline Water, they experienced NO cramping, yet those players less susceptible to cramping who were not drinking Alkaline Water continued to cramp. Drinking alkaline water has helped to promote a healthier immune system, reduce inflammation, and assist with regulating weight.


If your a athlete, this is how you will feel after incorporating alkaline water for daily drinking


How Alkaline Water Helps an Athlete’s Diet

Most, if not all, athletes are very particular about what they choose to put into their bodies. It takes a lot of work to properly fuel a highly efficient human body.

From plant-based veggie diets to 7 meals a day, the dietary needs of athletes differ from person to person. However, one need that is common to all is the need for proper hydration.

Alkaline water from a water ionizer machine is the best alkaline water that you can drink to help you hydrate and flush out unnecessary pool of waste and toxins, leading to proper digestion throughout the body.

What Alkaline Water Means for Improved Recovery Time

Athletes are constantly working out and training different parts of their body. We may have a off day, they don’t.

As you work your muscles, acids and CO2 are produced, which decreases the pH balance of muscles. If the pH balance dips below 6.5, the muscle is no longer able to function properly.

Alkaline water with a pH of 8.5 – 9.5 can help neutralize the body during this process. By adding alkaline water into your workout routine, you can help keep your muscle balance its pH at a safe level.

Alkaline Water’s Relationship with Increased Energy

Athletes are adding alkaline water into their diets because alkaline water helps to restore their energy.

Athletes have very demanding schedules. Constantly training, playing, and being on the road can be exhausting. Thus they need something more than just water.

Hydroxyl ions found in alkaline water (known as OH-) can promote better mental alertness and awaken the body – resulting in more sustainable energy levels over time.


Get your ionizer today and stay ahead


No matter, you’re an athlete or you just enjoy watching sports, we can all learn a little from how the world’s best  footballers and athletes take care of their bodies to become the best version of themselves.

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