By birth the natural water proportion in our body is over 2/3. So YES, it does matter the kind and quality water we consume. Many of us start diet and regular body exercise intending to lose weight, but often we got ourselves in a frustrating state when our body weight doesn’t come off. Many of the health research papers indicates that the key to achieve the desired body weight and shape is getting a proper combination of diet, exercise and hydration.

A popular health study from Japan, states that drinking water in the empty stomach (when you first get up in the morning) actually increases your metabolic rate. This means that we are able to assimilate nutrients in foods more thoroughly, expel toxins and waste products from the colon, kidneys, and liver.

By nature our body fat is acidic, where in the other hand our body is alkaline. Ionized alkaline water helps us achieve the perfect pH balance for our cells, keeps them hydrated, as well as help them to stay healthier with the outstanding antioxidant properties of ionized water. YES, you’re getting is right, these things help you to lose weight.

So, How Ionized Alkaline Water can help, to lose our body weight??
Below mentioned are the few direct impacts of ionized alkaline water in our body and helps our body to get rid-off from unwanted acidic body fats.

Ionized alkaline water turns up your metabolism – Even better, if you drink it cold, body will burn extra calories to warm it up.

 Boosts your energy – Ionized alkaline water hydrates better than normal water because of its micro cluster properties; it’s easily gets absorbed in the intestines. Research done on professional athletics as subjects, proves that alkaline water helps you rehydrate faster after working out.

An alkaline body helps resist lactic acid build up in the muscles; this is why athletes always alkalize themselves before working out. The longer you can resist lactic acid build-up in the muscles, the longer you can effectively burn calories.

Improves muscle function –Our body will uses water to lubricate our body joints and requires proper hydration; dehydration will result in increased chances of wear and tear on the joints.Drinking ionized alkaline water also helps prevent muscle cramping while you exercise. When you exercise, proper hydration must be considered as the top priority on your list if you want to keep your endurance up.

Improves digestive health – The primary cause of constipation is, Dehydration leaves the colon dry. Alkaline water has a positive link to digestive health; it helps maintain colon health by keeping it lubricated, and by supporting the beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive tract.

The time we start consuming antioxidant rich ionized alkaline water, we automatically start to neutralize the acids. We are fulfilling our body requirement, by giving our body the alkaline buffers it needs to start releasing and excreting these acids (through urine, sweat, breath etc.) and we start to drop the fat. This is especially effective if your body is used to being chronically dehydrated – and when the only liquids it is used to are acid-forming (coffee, tea, alcohol, tap water etc.)

Ionized alkaline water helps our body for proper blood circulation, muscles and increase the number of calories our body can digest in a day. It will also improves our digestion and make more lower-GI-produced vitamins available to us. By its natural alkaline properties it’s also gives our body a sustained alkaline boost and hydrates your body. When the water is ionized, it is also micro clustered which means it breaks down the water structure so there are 4-6 clusters rather than tap water which has 12-15 clusters – the smaller cluster size means the body can better absorb the water making it much more hydrating and allows the water to saturate you in those hard to reach places that tap water couldn’t get to. The result? Detoxification, cleansing.

So, as a closing statement we can conclude, YES!! Ionized alkaline water has a direct impact to get rid-off from our unwanted body fats and help to lose weight.

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