Water and beyond!
Water is every person’s basic need for survival. Without water, there is no existence of life! Having said that, it is not just about survival, there is much more to it.
The water you drink greatly impacts your health, and gradually your life.
Its significance
1/3 of your body is made up of water. Apart from this there are several more reasons why water is significant for your body. It creates sweat, tears and saliva; which are critical for bodily functions. It also makes up the blood and lymph systemtransporting food and oxygen wherever necessary and removes waste.

Water helps maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body, thus aiding to control blood pressure. Removal of toxins is another of its major tasks. It helps flush the kidneys to get rid of the toxic waste from the body. The eyes, nose, and mouth are kept moist so that they can function at ease. Our body must cool down when it becomes hot or stay warm when it is cold; This regulation of body temperature is also taken care by the water that the body consists. Acts as a shock absorber to major organs by absorbing movement. Lubricates joints, giving you the freedom to move freely without pain. Provides all trace minerals that are necessary for health.
All of the above complements the fact that water has much deeper goals than just to quench your thirst.
What is alkaline water?
Alkaline water is essentially the water with a pH of over 7. Ideally, the alkaline water should have a pH between 9 to 10 to show its benefits. It is extremely rich in minerals. At this scale, alkaline water can help you hydrate properly, replenish essential minerals, and balance your body’s pH levels.
Why should you consume alkaline water?
You need to drink water to stay healthy! However, if you truly believe in a healthy lifestyle and want to see benefits of water, it’s time to switch to alkaline water. Alkaline water has innumerable benefits that help your body in ways much beyond the traditional tap water.
For beginners, alkaline water is the closest to natural water that is accessible. Water is naturally alkaline, so are our bodies. However, due to the rigorous treatments on water to purify it, the end-product is turned into acidic in nature. Acidic water makes it difficult to purify the body, as the body needs an alkaline environment to heal itself.
Alkaline water also contains trace minerals that balance blood pH and keeps your body running smoothly.
To conclude, alkaline water is delivered in smaller molecule clusters that can enter cells more easily. This allows efficient flow of nutrients and oxygen into the cell and removal of wastes thoroughly. More wastes are flushed out this way enabling your body to heal itself more and maintain good health.
How does it help?
We all know that our entire body is approximately 70% water and our blood is over 90% water. Therefore, the type of water that we consume contributes immensely to our health. If the water is acidic or contaminated, then we can very well imagine the ill effects that may be posed to our body’s system.
A large amount of food and drinks that we indulge in are acidic in nature and produces acidic waste in our system. This acidic waste can alter our body’s pH level and when the pH is out of balance, the entire system slows down. We become susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Regeneration and reconstruction of cells slows down. It brings in tiredness, fatigue, makes us look older and takes longer to recover from injuries and illnesses. It is also said that an acidic body can also lead to degenerative diseases like arthritis and diabetes.
Our body is a machine and it does whatever it takes to maintain its functioning. Therefore, it also tries to balance itself. However, as more and more acids and toxins are dumped into the bloodstream, our body struggles to maintain that balance and gradually gives up. It leaches the alkaline minerals from the cells, which slows down the natural processes.
Consumption of alkaline water helps to flush toxins out of the body. The alkalinity of the water helps balance the blood pH properly. Over time, the body recovers from the damages and comes back into balance. It makes you look younger, feel healthier, and energized. Moreover, it gives you all the energy in the world to start working out, to work through the day effortlessly or to just take a trekking break.

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